Interview to Sarah Jane Morris (for Flashmusica)

FM: You are known worldwide as an artist who does not go to compromises, in the field of jazz as well as that of rock, blues and po. Tonight you will exhibit on the stage of Good Coffee with Ian Shaw. How did this collaboration start?

SJM: I know that others perceive me and refer to me as a jazz singer but I have never considered such. In England the world of Jazz is rather snobbish, and since I also had a pop career has never been regarded as a jazz singer. Ian Shaw is known as one of the most famous British jazz singers, and this has made it very clear why his artistic genre. In my case I never found that I usually represent uyn completely. I am at ease in african blues, folk, soul, acoustic and classic rock, which gather together in my music with a bit of jazz but not so much. But for some reason most of the places where sound is related to the sphere of jazz and this explains why the people I associate with this genre. in Italy I had a hit with “Me and Mrs. Jones”, jazz and even slightly this ought to have contributed. But tonight I’m accompanied by Ian Shaw. I know now for 25 years. Tonight there are duets between us accompanied by the piano, then you won’t be my usual repertoire, but a journey through our voice sounds, endless possibilitàn of his falsetto to my opposing. We complete each other and tonight will be primarily a concert between two old friends.

FM: I read of Soupsong Project, linked to songs of Robert Wyatt. What can you tell about it?

SJM: A fabulous project, created by Amy Waited, who arranged the music for this amazing artist. It’s you who has assembled a team of musicians who play his songs, representing the quintessence of our being. Ten musicians together that you listen to each other because they love what they do. Among them the singer Cristina Donà, with whom I was friend and with whom I made some duos. Doesn’t seem to be in Italian, a town in the world with an extraordinary voice, I love listening to.

FM: Your voice you said that is a sort of melange between Nina Simone and Janis Joplin. It’s still the definition that best represents you?

SJM: Well, my voice reaches very high notes and I love Janis.I let myself go onstage to meet my demons. rest and foolhardy but unlike Janis (who had drug-related dependencies and alcohol) can easily be back only Sarah jane Morris. I hardly interpreted the story of her life at the cinema, an interesting experience because it allowed me to discover the history of the blues as a woman. Nina Simone is one of my favorite singers, where I identify because I too have a very low voice, like her. I think my voice over the years is being increasingly lowering. But I also represent Tom Waitts, because, like him, I became a careful observer of reality that brings strange stories happened to me or others. I learned to observe over the last 10 years …

FM: What are the future plans?

SJM : I an album coming out in October 2011, entirely recorded in Rome, with the participating musicians Romans. Danilo Rea and Dominik Guillar (Sting’s guitarist). It is a mature album, classical-contemporary style, allowing me to 50 years of working with an orchestra around the world. There are songs by Boy george, Pino Daniele, Debussy and even Morricone on which I wrote the lyrics … Then there are other projects, such as co-written with Tony Reims (which I share with Annie Lennox), devoted to Africa. The theme is the black continent but through music rather than with words, although there is a social and political commitment, since I speak also of violence against women, imprisonments and dictatorships. Then music and human rights, what I hear, what I represent to the fullest as a singer-songwriter. Africa-blues project high quality despite the few funds.





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