To the Guasto Garden: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

A green lung in an urban geography stifled by cement and torn to pieces by an increasingly progressive degradation; a micro Park of  contemporary art  who teaches as cement and steel may be materials sustainable; a “treasure trove” of history behind it like roof garden hidden by the imposing mole of one of the most important theatres of the territory; a place thought to stimulate the imagination infant and adult thanks to the suggestions of Stravinskjii music, in a “jungle” which is recreated from the plants and the seasons.
It is the Guasto Garden of Bologna, the only example of public robinsoniano Park in Italy.
This is a project realized in the years ‘ 70 by the architect Gennaro Filipinos, on review of conceptions of the natural Garden of William Robinson, transposed in the construction of a park robinsoniano, Garden a built observing the youngest to play in the area of the yard, making them an active part of the project. A unit of urban green of 3000 square meters which stands on the ruins of an artistic site bound archaeologically, reinforced sort of way, in particular to stimulate creativity. An opportunity to study the reactions of the kids to forms taken from nature, promoters of archetypal suggestions (represented by the vertebrae of a prehistoric animal that is opposed to the mistilinea form of a snake), and at the same time an ecosystem which changes according to the needs of those who attended, in respect of its vegetative balance.
Enriched by many native species, the Garden  favors biodiversity that a self-reinforcing, as well as a structure that does not require special maintenance and that represents an area of aggregate artistic youth free open sky, animated by cultural initiatives promoted by local associations.
An example of avant-garde architecture of urban green, admired in Sweden and in America, sustainable public administration accounts, innovative and intimate than Parks- Museums ofArt Contemporary , and above all a green space dedicated to the imagination of each of us, in the heart of the city.

Guasto Garden.A model to spread as much as possible.


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