Historic italian Gardens: classical paths

The tradition of the Italian garden, dating from the ‘ 500, represents a tradition of excellence in landscape architecture, admired abroad as well as within national boundaries. We present the two networks that provide the most comprehensive visit to this immense heritage, natural and human.


Grandi Giardini Italiani is a network of about 80 gardens exist in 14 Italian regions, 3 in Canton Ticino, and one in Malta. A journey that leads to the discovery of more than 500 years of art history, from Merano to Sicily, from Ticino to Malta, for the enhancement of the landscape, witness for the excellence of Italian history. An itinerary (including virtual #, but also a community of owners, curators, art historians, gardeners, agronomists, guides and an innumerable list of green professionals who work for the maintenance and enhancement of this unique in the world. The site aims to be a useful tool to ‘ discover ‘ hidden gardens in the country as well as those enclosed within the walls of the city, along the highways as well as near the cities of art. Are schedules and addresses strictly controlled in order to facilitate the visit. A community that speaks daily on facebook, and meets in the events organised by the network. For further information www.grandigiardini.it

FAI-Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano

To contribute to the protection, conservation and enhancement of the heritage of art, nature and landscape. Was born on April 28, 1975 with this noble and precise purpose the FAI-Fondo Ambiente Italiano, non-profit foundation that, thanks to an idea by Helen cross, daughter of the great philosopher Benedetto Croce, was intended to emulate the National Trust. The 28 April, Giulia Maria Crespi Mozzoni, Renato Bazzoni, Alberto Predieri and Franco Russoli signed the memorandum and articles of the FAI, strong enthusiasm and an ambition they, then, on the wings of a dream. After more than thirty-five years, this dream has become reality, Thanks to the generosity of many, many private citizens, companies and institutions that have supported and support daily mission of the Foundation. The FAI protection today goods spread from the Alps to the Islands, from the castles and complex extensively in gardens and places of nature, from villas and houses art to small gems embellish the territory. Among them are countless excellent gardens normally closed that you can visit, such as the garden of Kolymbetra, the Valley of the temples Agrigento or that of the Villa del Balbianello, Lenno  Como, not to mention the Forest of San Francesco in Assisi. Throughout the year, numerous delegations present on the national territory organized ttto events, meetings and travel for the members, and interact through the site. The event par excellence is formed by the days of spring, in which the Foundation opens for free to all citizens goods normally closed, offering guided tours through the work of many volunteers. For each information http://www.fondoambiente.it


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