MADRID: the elegance of Art collections

12-14 August 2011. Here we are in Madrid, the capital of Spain, the most unexpected and sparkling city we have visited so far. Elegant and somewhat austere, with big traffic from avenues well-regulated by immense roundwalls,  not really a park city  (despite the big Parque del Buen Retiro) squares (Plaza Mayor does not remember  Italian squares), but it is definitely the city par excellence of the great museums, classic or contemporary.

The Prado and Reina Sofia are two fundamental stages, two unmissable destinations for art lovers to appreciate the contrast between classical and contemporary art (possibly to take in 2 different days). Positive Note: most of the entrance(if you are students, at Prado entry is free and if you are going in the morning for 10.00, in August, it is very likely that there is the tail at the entrance.) As regards the Reina Sofia, is certainly one of the best museums of contemporary art in Europe and even here the entrance is cheap (6 euro entry), and within walking distance of the Prado (ten minutes walk).

The Prado Museum, with its two floors full of sculptures and paintings of irreproachable value (and not), and its majestic galleries, celebrates the great tradition of Spanish painting (including Goya and Velazquez). Recommended the guided tour of the salt, which you can admire masterpieces by large. The bookshop is one of the best equipped in Europe, and any memory you buy,  it will contribute to the maintenance of those masterpieces.

The Reina Sofia Museum on the other hand, with its outer transparent lift its 4 floors of contemporary works (permanent collection and temporary), can keep you occupied quietly  for 4 hours. The air-conditioning doesn’t help the visitor, who can complain about a sudden headache in front of the imposing GUERNICA, saw the overhang with the external environment, but is of considerable help stop to rest in the inner garden.

A good prelude to a visit to the majestic Parque del Buen Retiro, the elegant Italian trim hedges and a lovely pond on which you can go boating, and where you can discuss more and less kiosks.

Madrid in August. These are the most vivid images, as well as evening walks near Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Palacio Real. Here ends the trip in Spain.

Now up to the last goal, the ville Lumiere: Paris


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