SEVILLA: la perla de Andalucìa

9-11 August 2011.Sevilla is the quintessence of all that the visitor expects to find in the South of Spain: white light that blinds the eyes in the summer, barrios including hovering carriages with confident horses, oranges falling on his head who strolls gelsomini, weeping at the side of Squares like Plaza de España or the Palace of Alcazeres. In the city were you long to go …

There can be new descriptions without banalities of hyper-tourist town where you set the Bizet’s Carmen. In August his wonderful parks (primarily the Parque de Maria Luisa), the scenic squares and towers (The Giralda) are nearly deserts between 12.00 and 20.00 pm. All for one simple reason: the heat wave! It is therefore necessary to consider the siesta as a requirement that can be made pleasant by the numerous
tapas-bar or directly from your accommodation.

Stages are the Juderia (old Jewish quarter) dominated the white, red and gold between jasmine and orange trees, the Barrio de Santa Cruz (perhaps the most beautiful neighbourhood of a historic Andalusian) in which numerous stairways lead in as many harmonious patios-gardens, the neogotic Cathedral and Giralda Tower, the emblem of the city. Places in the heart of the Paseo de la Torre del Oro (beside the river Guadalquivir scents and views of the city from the River are unique), and Plaza de España and the Parque de Maria Luisa.

 The Plaza, designed to be the most beautiful open-air Pavilion of Spain, is a real charm with its colourful ceramic bridges, its red arches that house museums and monumental municipal offices, the benches of azulejos that tell the story of the cities of Spain (almost all are represented), the petals into the water of its tanks and its wonderful fountain.

Right in front of this architectural masterpiece is a marvel of urban green, the Parque de Maria Luisa. Four hundred hectares of greenery, flowers, fountains, boulevards and public reserve for birds, once a private park of Duchess Maria Luisa, from which it takes its name. A stop at the Park is particularly well-suited to draw, read, write, meditate, practice sports or simply relax. Take a step to patio dedicated to one of the greatest poets of Spain, Bequer, and admire the impressive trees whose roots and trunks are really huge.

The night is certainly the best time to learn about the most central streets, although the town is increasingly invaded by tourists. A few stars but the colors, smells, tastes, and especially the Andalusian music which you hear for free (the “Carboneria” is a great place for free entrance where you can see similar shows) there will be a long one.

Just curiosity for a capital never view can convince to leave behind a South so magical, that we preferred to live in its external and contact people (the gayest of Spain and the dancing undoubtedly more) rather than in its museums (but the Alcazares’s Palace and the Giralda are places that you should visit).

Madrid, we come!


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