GRANADA: magical paths for fantasy

7-9 August 2011 Once visited Granada, the hearts of those who love history, art, nature and longs to return there magic. In the dim lights of the city, in his ancient fortresses, pergolas, tiendas arabes and its perfumes relives the history of Andalusia, poignant and irresistible charm. The Alhambra can be regarded as the transposition in architecture of the short stories ” One thousand and one nights“.

Arabian and Gitana Atmospheres in the historical center of the city mix up together, where lurk shops and  tea rooms, welcome visitors in a place at the same time magical and somewhat vintage, a daydream from which you would never wake up. Start fantasizing about the Alhambra view from the Paseo de Los Tristes at sunset, is particularly evocative.

Needless to say, here you can enjoy some of the best tapas of southern Spain, even exotic (non-traditional gazpacho is recommended and tinto de verano).

Transport in the city are very efficient for tourists wishing to visit the Alhambra (pretty red bus) or who need to go to  the train station and bus station. Particularly positive is the fact that all buses stop on the Central (and rich in hotel)  gran via de colon, at two steps from the historic centre of town. Granada is a major and beloved University Centre, its inhabitants are therefore mostly young and very dynamic. You’ll certainly never get bored, and you’ll appreciate long siestas in front of a tea, by browsing shops and especially having the time to talk for hours.

It is really lovely to stroll; greeted by phenomenal guitarists (I recommend the song “Recuerdos de la Alhambra), you will find impressive Renaissance Baroque cathedrals by the Catholic monarchs who desired recaptured after 7 centuries the city from the Moors, typical shops, cafés and an imposing former Arab market, from blackish white-chalk geometries reminiscent of a huge fire that destroyed some centuries ago. It is here that you can buy different infusions of tea, which can be enjoyed in various towns tea houses (we recommend refreshing and aromatic mixture “Fantasy de Granada”).

However Alhambra remains the Centre of attraction for the excellence of this fascinating site. Early rising up is a must if you don’t find more places for booking via the internet, but the wait is worth it, even if you wake up at 6 and the first bus is there at 7.30.

To the entrance is an imposing Avenue of cypress trees that shade the imposing reddish towers, announcing buildings such as the Alcazaba, Palacios Nazaries, and the Palace of Charles V. Immediately to the left you will be welcomed by Italian gardens, cheered by large rectangular tanks water and lush vegetation, where present citrus and bougainvillea.

Pleasant old Arab baths with remains of lavish Nasrid geometries evoke the atmosphere of Cordoba, as well as the Renaissance façade of the Palace of Charles v. inside a circular building with Greek-Roman colonnade on 2 floors awaits the visitor.

Alcazaba, the oldest part of the old fortress, gives great views from its distinguished Cube towers and the Sailing on Granada. For the visitor, nestled between ancient stairways, majestic hills below (such as l Jardin de los Adarves), and archaeological ruins, the illusion of being in another time and space is complete.

However, the gardens of the Alhambra, especially those that lead Generalife, the refuge of the Sultana, exhausted by court life, becomes the sorcery of fairy tale atmosphere from one thousand and one nights. “A  stroll in the gardens of Eden”, through a maze of tall hedges rich in magnificent and countless varieties of exotic flowers, where the bubbling water fountains and several thousand perfumes envelop every step.

Some Evergreen pergolas invites you to rest, while the eye goes in search of lotus flowers or flowers cascade violated that cover the walls. In the patio of the sultana reigns a vegetation free it from owner of the waterworks and birdsong usignuoli, while red roses stand out among the Brambles almost looking for a fresh breath.

The ceramic panes decorative covering of characters who were the protagonists of these places (which Irving, Debussy or Sultane), are the signs that the eye looking greedily, until the entry into Marvel Nasrid par excellence, the Palacios Nazarios. Each description is useless to photographs, images or stories about this place.

We just want to point out that the Patio de los Leones, one of its major attractions, is currently undergoing restoration, and thus not reach either at a certain secret room where strange games with the voices and hearing.

Perhaps, just as Irving, the writer who gave life to these places through stories “Tales of Alhambra” which he wrote when he lived in the fortress, it never leaves this enchanted Palace, where it is so easy Sherazade imagine telling a different story every time.

And we want to imagine there stories Sevilla of majestic, which awaits us tomorrow …


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