VALENCIA: Lights on the Future

28-30 July 2011. From sizzling Barcelona to a charming provincial-taste town which is the third of Spain. The Underground is more expensive and a bit less fast than in Barcelona( closes at 11 pm ), but with “paradas” of exceptional beauty like ALAMEDA, an immense masterpiece of white mother of Pearl mosaics.

Charming Plaza de la Reina, excellent for stop for tapas. Prices are affordable for any pocket. Valencia is a charming city at a human scale. Recommended the walk in its small town, full of fascinating glimpses on the Renaissance and Baroque squares, its silk market LONJA, whose facade is decorated with azulejos, charming cafes, kiosks with orzate made from Papyrus, and avenues to measure pedestrian embellished with neoclassical statues and fountains.


It is certainly also a city for lovers of bicycles, stodgy lanes in the Centre and periphery. We found easily in the amazing area of futuristic Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias, the largest complex dedicated to Science and Culture in Europe. Lifting eyes, somewhere near the Oceanografic, there is a sort of gigantic dome covered with mosaics color Lapis glisten in the warm sunlight.

The game of reflexes of mosaics, water, light blue and white of these architectures made wonderful theatmosphere of the day, and the smiles were so many while we slacked between the arches, bridges, baths and mosaics.


Contemporary sculptures on the decks of the Citadel amaze and amuse the observer who doesn’t want to go visiting projections and are not afraid of the blazing sun. It is however advisable to visit the Oceanografico, which inside offers an immersion in the oceans and seas around the world, teaching the value of the safeguard and valorization of flora and fauna of our planet. The staff is very friendly (as the trainer of hawks), and tourists can spend many hours together without getting bored.


Undoubtedly this is the masterpiece of contemporary of Valencia, which has contributed to the redevelopment of an entire neighborhood, cleverly combining tradition and innovation. Obviousely the complex’s maintenance requires high costs, however, even if the ticket are salted, no visitor has particularly complained.

Two days in Valencia give a picture of a young and dynamic Spain in its provinces, and give a feeling  of a future made of culture and industriousness. The last image is that of his waterfront (Avenida del Puerto just go straight to get the bay), delicious in morning, for it was completely desert.


the coast of mainland Spain, Costa Blanca, Calpe, intended to place particularly healthy and delicious beach. Glad to stay for a while in the Comunidad Valenciana.


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