CALPE: Bougainvillea and jasmine on the Coast

30 July-7 August 2011. Calpe, the delightful seaside stage already visible from the Hill, with a large rock on the horizon from which it takes its name, which was given by the Arabs. “Calp” or “Heart” is a rock that is shaped like an inverted heart anatomical, peaceful vigil on the small Bay of the village, the historic alleys which are located in the upper part of the Citadel. A maze of alleys and stairways, white, blue, green, mostly with terraces and balconies amid buganvillas, jasmine, cafes, tourist shops and churches…

The archaeological ruins of the Roman period and an historical area called banos de la Reina stops are particularly suitable promenade from the quiet port, full of restaurants and cafes to the delight of holidaymakers. Wonderful idea to climb along the Ecological Park paseo del around the Rock of Calp.

You can admire the sparkling waves breaking on the rocks underlying maritime, and the sight embraces the villages of the coast, ideally close to Alicante. Birds, flowers, Palm trees (and unfortunately wasps) accompany the long walk. For those who want to get to the top you must however have a good professional trekking equipment.

The sea around appears joyous and cheerful, more colorful and flavorful. People are relaxed and friendly beyond expectation, and it’s fun to talk of more and less to craft stalls full of jewels of the Bay’s shell. A week to rest, read, Tan (careful not to burn yourself or jellyfish), taking advantage of child-friendly beaches, shallow and deep blue sea for several meters, where the waves at night have a fairytale touch …

We can’t wait to get to Granada,  Andalucian Marvel, once stronghold of the Moors.

PS: attention to links with the major cities of southern Spain. In case of needing matches from the Costa Blanca to cities such as Granada, Sevilla and Cordoba, distances are considerable (300-400 Km) and via train is nearly impossible to go nevertheless you are in  Alicante (2 hours away from Calp). It is advisable to use the bus (unexpensive, 30 euros to Granada) or better  rent a car, because motorways are really nice (little traffic and no hole) full of wonderful  landscapes. August is an excellent time to move on 4 wheels quickly but are really high temperatures (over i47 degrees) so beware.


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