BARCELONA: Starting an Interail

26-28 July 2011. Barcelona.The first impact with a city never seen before, is perhaps the most surprising always. And this was  the first stage of a long interail,  on awakening from a long but comfortable journey via train (Milan-Barcelona).

City light is soft, especially on the waterfront. People are calm, kind, ready to invite you to a party or to help  if you need it. Architecturally the town looks like a playful emotional layers cake, in which art nouveau reigns everywhere and is invoked by Antoni Gaudi and spirited attitude of its inhabitants, as well as skirts from design rich and stimulating its women, or by the sparkling atmosphere that distinguishes the various Barrios that inevitably attract tourists.

Of course, have a highly efficient metro every 2 minutes, and have an accommodation in 5 minutes from the Sagrada Familia with terrace sea view, is certainly a fortune which predisposes the visit.
Montjuic, is certainly a fine example of legacies or inheritance of an Expo, in this case that of 1992. With its stairs, foundations, museums-buildings-scripted Convention Centers and brightly coloured bougainvillea hedges, and refreshed by the sketches of amazing fountains with
their countless effects enchant visitors, this neighborhood is certainly the ideal place to start your visit to the new part of town. Once at the top of the first among several different monumental staircases are routes proposed to explore the Park-Expo, counting also the archaeological remains, lush gardens, water fountains, inspired by the Alhambra of Granada. The road and pathways for visitors or citizens are easy to follow and very neat, even if the signs are not numerous. We particularly liked the Miro Foundation, created by the artist himself and wanted to preserve and disseminate their works but also to give space to young emerging artists.

Near Montjuic the Jardines Mirò, with their beautiful palm trees and white porticoes between Bougainville. We have literally Bewitched. The sound of birds unknown hidden in the colors of this site (green, Fuchsia, white) has long attracted our attention between writings andphotographs. The gardens are among the smallest in size seen in Spain (strictly with cobblestones clay courts), but extremely lindi, much more than in any other city in Spain.

Another must-see is the stage Parc Guell of Gaudi, a project never concluded on a hillock overlooking the view of the entire Barcelona, originally conceived as the Art Nouveau for the rich. Spectacular bridges and rock arches, colonnades with richly decorated ceilings with colourful mosaics, benches open almost equally richly decorated to give the impression of lean each finger or step on colored mother-of-Pearl, and buildings characteristic of this style (among all the House of the artist himself), remain among the most beautiful memories of visiting the city.

Other works by the artist we encountered along the visiting neighborhoods like Gracia and Barri Barri Gotic. The Music Palace amazes for the opulence of its external decorations, and represents one of historic and artistic details of major avenues and squares where to go to look for in contrast to the upbeat nightlife characteristic of Rambla, the street famous for shops and restaurants in Barcelona.

Finally the Sagrada Familia is the last stage admired from the outside at night, in order to take full advantage of his monumental view of works still under completion. The annedoto of Gaudì now reduced to a life as a Tramp in a bid to finalise this grandiose project dream-that lost his life at two steps from the shipyard does reflect on the importance of not to overwhelm your artistic vein.

Get an idea of life buzzing of Barcelona in less than 3 days is possible. Here the time appears at the complete disposal of the tourist as well as the dweller, and kindness, calmness and the smiles of this earth are bringing back, sooner or later, for a further break.
Useful informations:

-Sants station seems a real airport, complete with controls. And ‘ well then ask not to have surprises in phase with the metal detector;

– If you are planning a long trip through the train to Spain remember to book all at the time of your arrival, you will avoid any additional queues,
delays, and boredom;

–  For the metro daily rely to tickets if you’re in town, not worth buying touristic card; the cost of living is not very high, but doing the groceries at the supermarket is particularly beneficial;

– If it rains no alarm, it’s not so cold and in 15 minutes in summer usually stops.


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