Black writings…Phoenix Flowers


Black, black writing calligraphy. So many titles related to this color, powerful yet fascinating as a phoenix …Scent of unknown flower


I wanted

some time to write an ode

to Black
as a color celebrated in the Literature of all times, especially by French Authors.


oeuvre au noir” may be the epic of a woman
and a her way of being


-accompanied by a black violin that compels
her to take vision of what she  dreams
and what she  may be-


or, sign of ink on a contemporary calligraphy,
made by  not Eastern hand


Or may be just a voiceless environmental


-yet cries-


in the negative of a photograph

or solliloqui of a female character in a
manga set in Venice


And if  I touch the words I find only a handful of
motes to spread  in my  imagination.

 In White of course…


About Odile Milton

I travel through words whenever possible. Odile Milton is my signature on the web as I wanted an alter ego to indicate only my writings and works, not my personal life. Odile like the dancer in black swan, and Milton from the novel An old-fashioned girl. View all posts by Odile Milton

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