Catching a glimpse into Unseen Asia isn’t an easy task. Especially if we talk about the civilizations in this area, so varied and complex, of ancient tradition. I decided to mention what normally is not taken into consideration, rich and unexpected for its artistic, cultural and social value.


China is the essential reference point for contemporary Asia. From Marco Polo to Italo Calvino until recent Olympics or Expo, nobody would be offended if I start from the latest looks on its ancient city, Beijing. The capital of the North, one rich in hutong or alleys, full of historical charm, tradition, and of humanity. The capital  whose language is one of those of the United Nations and  that  is spoken by ost inhabitants of the planet.


But from Beijing’s charm, which offers only gashes on the historical and artistic unmatched grandeur of the past centuries, such as during the suveiranity of Tang or Song dinasties, you simply fly to Hong Kong, the New York of Asia, where many investors and lovers of  contemporary art take home, to Taipei, the exemplification of the contemporary China rich natural environments, offering Hydrographers and highly innovative  artistic works.


A rapid shift from parts of Singapore is not amiss, perhaps with a visit to the renowned botanical gardens, famous all over the world…


From China up to Japan the trip seems very short, but it is by no means a foregone conclusion, and indeed, it is good that it is mediated. It is actually two distinct Universes who do not like to communicate with each other, despite the common cultural heritage.


Japan evokes the Hyper- technology, Manga, sophisticated gardens, the art of the sword, the composition of the flowers or the tea ceremony. But there are layers of this reality difficult for Westerners to grasp, that you  might seeize in contemporary fiction of the rising sun country, which returns the image of a very rich civilisation but at the same time alienated, which enchants or horrifies depending on the sensitivity of each (read Yoko Ogawa to get an idea).


If we wanted to stop in a country where we could see a mediation through these cultures, a charming stage can be given by Korea. I invite you to learn more by going to visit ANTIQUE‘s Website, where you will discover an immense artistic and cultural patrimony unjustly little known in Europe.


Then we  should move to the other Asia, the one of  India, Burma, Cambodia, the Philippines, Viet Nam…


You’d never stop  if you could, because  you find, traveling in these realities, ancient cultures and civilizations that still don’t disdain tehir Humanity despite pressing economic, social and creative issues.


I invite you to leave on a Journey,  to create new Geographies.


About Odile Milton

I travel through words whenever possible. Odile Milton is my signature on the web as I wanted an alter ego to indicate only my writings and works, not my personal life. Odile like the dancer in black swan, and Milton from the novel An old-fashioned girl. View all posts by Odile Milton

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