Dedicated to MR. Nelson
Mandela, who inspires the World

AFRICA… Its colours, Scents and Sensations, in Europe came as an echo due to postcolonial literature or the findings of anthropologists and archaeologists from various eras. But the creative expressiveness of this continent,  victim of many injustices still on humanitarian
or human rights in General, full of natural wonders and smiles, is still too little known in Europe from most people.

As a young girl, I read the famous book of Danish Karen Blixen, ” Out of  Africa“,  that opened up a whole new World. Since then I’ve always wanted to visit  Kenya and other African countries, known and unknown, such as Namibia, South Africa, Egypt, Somalia, the Horn of Africa and many others. I realised that outlining the physical, cultural and natural Geographies of of this wonderful country were  far from a foregone conclusion, and so I decided to do a bit of order in order to avoiding the spread of bad and little information about Africa, still hurt by inequalities at an economic, political and humanitarian level. Plagues  to the place that was the cradle of humankind.

53 states, surrounded by Oceans brush tools except for the Sinai Peninsula,  Second largest  continent  of the Earth , with largest country Sudan and the smallest state represented by the islands of Seychelles. A natural mosaic of unsurpassed natural beauty in the world and complex civilization.

Growing up, I wanted to discover the music, literature and the contemporary arts of Africa,  so I will speak here of one of the hearts of
contemporary African creativity, SENEGAL. Few People know the living reality of DAKAR ARTS.

Some artists to discover:  WASIS DIOP, Musician ; JOE OUAKAM, documentarist; NDARY LO, artist ; OUSMANE SOW , sculptor-artist; or AISSA DIONE, textile designer.  Finally the highly esteemed painter SOLY CISSE. The list could continue indefinitely, with experiences of high quality and originality.

There are African women beginning to emerge on the political front as well as  MARIE JOSE CRESPIN, and AMINATA TRAORE, author politically committed.

About Festivals we mark:  in Mali Bamako Photography Biennale, or the Festival des Ecran noir of Cameroon and the Biennale of contemporary art and literature of DAKAR .

The desire to make a trip to these wonderful lands becomes more acute as I write. It’s easy to understand the nostalgia of Africans to my knowledge as the owner of Africa Design’s shop  in Bologna, Laurence, or Italian lovers of Africa as Isis of onlus “The PIROGA“.

Hopefully more space will be dedicated on the web and in our societies to  African arts and artists. When speaking of Africa, the colour that comes to mind is the yellow, or sunlight. I hope that more light can be brought to these themes through small  written contributions  like this.

Recommended readings:

Out of  Africa” by K.Blixen

Inscribing Meaning. Writing and Graphic Systems in African Art “by C. Kreamer

Sufi arts of Urban Senegal” by A.F. Roberts

In Senghor’s Shadow: Art, Politics, and the avant-garde in Senegal, 1960-1995 (Objects/Histories) by E.Harney


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