Sometimes in life you have the luck of crossing paths with people deeply devoted to passions that elevate our spirit. When this happens in the context of culture, arts, and Social, you realise it is really rare.


To Satomi Yanagibashi and Rita Zucchini


Bologna has allowed me to meet two people I’m  proud to consider friends, who brought the most beautiful classical music, opera and jazz copyright under the arcades of Bologna. If in the world of Opera I think of the incomparable voice of Satomi Yanagibashi, soloist and Director of choirs in Italy and world, famous opera singer, when it comes to organising musical events, particularly of reviews of concerts with world-renowned guests, I can only think of Rita Zucchini.

The interview with Satomi, one of the nicest I’ve had occasion to do in Bologna is the prerogative of Flashmusica; the conversation with Rita instead is unpublished, and thus remained here carry over his words, the story of his contribution to music through his work at the Association Onlus Giovambattista Martini for the Culture of Bologna, who has given to all citizens, at the basilica of San Francesco, concerts of classical music with memorable free interpreters of absolute excellence from all over the world.

6/17/2011. Bologna“Very passionated  about music, graduate student of many theatres, inside and outside Bologna. As I used to walk nearby the local Basilica of San Francesco, because I lived in that neighbourhood, I remembered a day that there had operated and lived father Giovanni Battista Martini, one of the great masters of bologna musical tradition. He was succeeded by padre Stanislao Mattei, who counted among his students Rossini. The Basilica had been a great place for the Tradition of  Musical. A tradition broken only with the excellent coming of Napoleon Bonaparte, which closed all church property. The friars, seeing transfigured the church, managed to hide the manuscripts of father Mattei and padre Martini, and the large music library. Among them the opera omnia of pier Luigi da palestrina. In modern times, seeing the library and finding the willingness of then provincial father Antonio Renzini and doorkeeper, Ubaldo Gianassi, I tried to re-create  the ancient  Academy of music, which now counts 100 students. In this area of Bologna, very central, was almost indispensable a place to spread the culture and especially Music. From there I got the idea to schedule concerts. All charity, both by the artists that the heg public. Public that over the past 10 years has learnt  about Music Tradition. The Today we play both Chamber music, Baroque music with orchestra, the jazz, with various formations of career and professional singers. Ultimately, the choice of music, assisted by valuable collaboration with Cristina Landuzzi (Professor of composition at the Conservatorio Martini of Bologna), and with Maestro Chiarotti, turned to programmes courses (e.g. Bach, Shubert …). Last year it was decided, for the competition of composition for chamber orchestra Giovambattista Martini theme “new works for the Orchestra.” The choice was motivated by the need to give way to young international composers to give their contribution to music. Very often, before the concert, there is a preview of these tracks. A tribute to the preservation and enhancement of quality music “.

It is important to give space and voice to experiences such as those of Rita and Satomi, who are likely to remain invisible in Bologna’s Tradition, despite programming proposals and although the excellence in Culture. The shortage of funds, prejudices and stereotypes on foreign nationals and a mental laziness in all socio-economic strata of town, too often hinders the work of these people, a work first of all made of Passion, as evidenced by their stories.

The writer thinks it necessary to bring out these points of view and experiences irreplaceable for wealthness and culture of local and International Music, recalling that Bologna was proclaimed a Unesco City of Music, in all its forms, from classical to contemporary (see Angelica festival and numerous local historical genre of town).

To Ensure this value won’t be lost.

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