Manifesto for a Modern Musical Philosophy

Sounds-silence. From this combination (which here is not seen as a conflict between opposing elements, but rather a continuous exchange of expression) are infinite universes, as there are so many different languages, cultures and civilisations on the planet.

Also, parameters, analysis and description of those worlds vary depending on the temporal and spatial coordinates of those who think, create, or listen to.

The game of roles in the world of music and music promotion codes (ancient or contemporary regardless of genres) varies daily, and trends are detectable only when there is perceptible change in the atmosphere of an era.

It is often the music and then touch the “strings” of a harmony to return the “temperature” of a company, in all its complexity. In vibration can
seize moods are intended to remain in obscurity were it not for an execution that “speaks” literally his audience beyond a barrier, especially today,
when there is an amplification media further enhanced next-generation media (the internet in particular).

Question on the personal meaning of the music is not misplaced. Especially if the interpretation staff takes into account suggestions melodic belonging to completely different universes of reference from your (from Indian Ragas to African influences and zigane, as well as Asian), which are then associated with contemporary classical and electronic influences coming from the former austro-Hungarian and Scandinavian. John Cage is perhaps the most illustrative example of this.

The essence is sound, so breath and life. Western philosophical conception to Chinese sensibilities and his concept of QI or vital breath. Echoes of paradise we lost.

We will put a beautiful myth, a story cosmogonico Yuki Indians about music and its relationship with water, the sacred and the human world, which I read in a book dedicated to the philosophy of music. Carryover extracts from the text in italics.

>> In this myth, as in many other ancient civilizations, the water was created before all things, and on the surface of the water world flitted
candida a feather.
It began to exist, singing, the God Taoikomol. Singing he took shape, from the feet to the head, and thus took shape even the whole world, while the water issued a strong sound.

The story of the origin of the world would therefore the story of the passage of water bubbling sounds deployed a voice that sings. The feather represents the Centre where there are several imaginative ways: it is a foaming of the water and breath of wind, but also silence, breathing and singing.

“The earth didn’t exist yet … then this father, under the guise of a feather, appeared on the water overlooking the existence, and entered in the foam as a feather. And Taoikomol in the foam sang continuously singing with which he himself and come to existence … “

The primordial sound is primarily vocal, but not personal voice; imposes the idea of eco to indicate the manner in which that voice resonates.>>

Excerpts from the book “PHILOSOPHY of MUSIC“, by Giovanni Piana. Editions Guerini e Associati, 1996

An echo that everyone, in the newspaper, we need to cultivate creativity in children hidden in its inner garden, in order to counter the prevailing cynicism of socio-economic life.


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