Interview with Vera Fortunati


Women, Art and Environment in Bologna. The genius of women, often little known and even less valued, was protagonist in 2011 an important Review of the province of Bologna by the equal opportunities Commission. Promoter of the initiative was Dr. Vera Fortunati, distinguished Professor of History of Modern Art at the University of Bologna.

FM: From February to May 2011, a series of conferences  that celebrated the feminine creativity. How was born  this project, which  saw the presence of distinguished speakers?

VF: The cycle of conferences sponsored and organized by the province of Bologna was conceived to be a proposal to a wide audience to defend the dignity of women The review involved academics who have shown important protagonists in different disciplinary fields, from literature to art, as well as science and mystics.

FM: What about Women artists and environment?

VF: Women artists in the different geographic and historical-cultural show creativity while reflecting on the subjectivity of individual processes, these are the roots of female identity in time.

FM: The Center for documentation on the history of women artists in Europe of Bologna ( from the middle ages to the twentieth century)
stands as a place of excellence of knowledge, particularly devoted to issues of gender and arts. However, it is little known. How to promote it better?

VF:It would be necessary to continue to organize exhibitions and conventions, as was  done in 1994 and in 1998 with the exhibition in Bologna and in Washington on Lavinia Fontana, with the International Convention of 2008 (new perspectives of study on artists from the Renaissance
to the twentieth century), which acts, for lack of funds, are still waiting to be published.  To survive, the Centre  needs a young researcher to  continue the work already started of cataloguing and bibliographic updates. I  hope that the province will find the necessary funds for a scholarship intended for this purpose.

FM: The collaboration with the Equal Opportunities Commission and the Province of Bologna attests an important assumption by local institutions of the need to enhance the local women’s Art world. The review will have a sequel?

VF: I will try to organize next year a cycle of conferences, focusing on disciplines not yet also
considered …

FM: What are your personal future projects?

VF: I’m working on a book that intertwined the artistic activity of Prospero Fontana and her daughter, she too, Mannerist painter, named Lavinia Fontana.


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